Don’t leave home without us. Let us be your eyes and ears while you’re not here.

At Lincoln County Cabin Watch we perform inspections of your vacation home, cabin, casa, condo, and property on a regular basis. The frequency of checks is determined by the homeowner. Most clients prefer to have their homes monitored on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Home inspections include a walk through of the inside and outside of your home and grounds.

Inside we check for:

  • Roof leaks, skylight leaks, window leaks, broken seals on windows, etc.
  • Breakage or security problems of doors and windows, warped wood on doors and windows
  • Lighting problems, air and heat adjustments/monitoring according to seasons
  • Thermostat & alarm battery replacement
  • Bug and rodent problems
  • Identify any strange odors
  • Running of water in sink traps and flushing of toilets
  • Checking for plumbing leaks or problems
  • Check fuse box for tripped breakers or power surges
  • Checking of fireplaces
  • Appliance monitoring, hot water heaters, garage doors, etc.

Outside we check:

  • Erosion problems and drainage issues,
  • Rodent, pest, & insect damage
  • Exterior home wear and tear (stucco cracks, paint problems, visible roof damage)
  • Security problems
  • Landscape monitoring
  • Drip system problems and sink holes
  • Weed control
  • Put delivered packages inside and pick up papers/flyers/debris from yard.

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